Post Updated Last: April 1, 2020

When I saw a trusted co-blogger promoting My Passive Trades (MPT) back in August 2019, I couldn’t help to think “if this is a scam, he wouldn’t promote it, I have big respect for this blogger”.

So, I tried MPT and I’m really glad I did. (See my daily bitcoin earnings as to the date of this post, below).

I must confess that doing this kind of money-making program was really out of my comfort zone.

It took a lot of guts and considerations before I got started with a small amount of $100 after 4 months of overthinking.

After using the platform for almost 5 months, I found out that there are at least 5 surprising things and changes that everyone should know before joining the MPT. Especially if you are completely new to this business.

Let’s get started…

1. MPT And Polaris Universal

MPT is actually owned by Polaris Universal LTD, which is a legally registered company in the UK. You can actually check the company number 11168788 through the companies house.

These are the other businesses under Polaris Universal LTD:

You see Polaris Universal is legit and it has the best business model that can deliver sustainability and longevity.

Join the MPT and see how it works. It’s free. No registration fee.

Here’s the latest Introduction from the CEO Darren Bradbury.

2. Advertising Platform Vs. Investment Platform

The main function of the MPT platform is advertising services. When you buy an advertising package (ad pack), you will get a package of generous ads credit so you can promote your own website or any other opportunity you want to share – ex. affiliate links and banners.

Since I currently have my own websites, this is definitely a win-win. I can advertise and earn money at the same time using the same platform.

If you happen to know the mechanics of affiliate marketing, you know that advertising and driving traffic are very important.

What makes MPT ever more attractive is that you don’t need to advertise anything to earn money and you don’t even have to recruit or refer people. It’s completely passive.

Again, MPT is an advertising platform and having that said, you are not supposed to use banking terms like “investment, compounding, interest rate, etc”.

Join the MPT and see how it works.

The real reason is that MPT is not registered as a financial institution so it must not be treated as one. Otherwise, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) will run after you and the MPT.

Do not promote the MPT as an investment platform, because it is an advertising platform. Promoting a business wrongfully is definitely a no! no!

So, No banking terms if you don’t want to get in trouble with the FTC.

You need to learn the language of the business. Use “buying ad packs” and “rebuying ad packs” instead of the terms investment and compounding.

3. Profit-Sharing Forever

Joining this opportunity will not make you rich overnight or even after a year. The mechanic is simple.

When you buy an ad pack, aside from the ad credits, you will be entitled to profit-sharing from the whole portfolio of Polaris Universal every single week.

The profit-sharing can be expected from 100-125% a year. That’s around 3.82% – 4.8% per week depending on the revenues that the company generated from the previous week.

What if about if the company didn’t generate any income? then you will not get anything (this is very unlikely). The good thing is, your money will not decrease its value – if you want to compare it with the stock market.

Join the MPT and see how it works. It’s free. No membership fee. You can start with $10.

As Darren Bradbury, CEO, mentioned. If you want to replace your household income of $36,000 a year, then you need to build you an account of around $25,000-$30,000.

So, if you start at $300-$1000, then you can expect a better financial situation after 2 years of repurchasing.

Join the MPT and see how it can change your finances forever.

3. The Pull Out Plan

In any money-making opportunity involve risk, so please do not put an amount of money that you can not afford to lose. What are these money – rental money, food allowance, credit card cashouts and so on…

However, if you buy a huge amount of ad packs, you need to make a pull-out plan. Let’s say huge as $10,000-$20,000.

What is a pull-out plan?

A pull-out plan is a method of gradually getting your money back. Take note, that once you bought the ad packs, they are consumable digital products, so you can not withdraw your money but you will get profit-sharing forever. Yes, your children can inherit your account too.

Okay, let’s go back to the example of buying $10,000 ad packs. Buying $10,000 will entitle you to a profit of around 3.82% – 4.8% per week passively. That’s $382-$448 per week or $1,528-$1792 per month. Forever.

So, if you withdraw all your earnings every week, your $10,000 would have been pulled out after around 6-7 months and you’re completely risk-free.

You might think, is MPT risky?

Let’s face the truth. Nothing is permanent in this world.

All businesses involve risk. Even your bank account has inflation risk and still can lose money. In fact, in Europe, some banks are already charging account holders for their ordinary savings accounts.

There is no business without risk. So, even though I’m a risk-taker, I would minimize the risks as much as possible – I apply this in whichever investment or business I get into.

And the recent market crash and coronavirus global crisis had tested all kinds of businesses and establishments – Polaris Universal is not excluded.

But here’s the fact. MPT and the Polaris Universal business are built to last for a long long time, if not forever.

In my own opinion, the banking system and the stock market are riskier than the MPT. lol

So, hop in and get started earning passive income every single day.

5. You Can Meet The Owners In Person

Another amazing thing I do like about MPT is the owners are very down to earth. You can actually meet them in person. You can arrange a meeting and they will come. You can not just find anything like this anywhere in this type of online business.

And if you are a blogger or a YouTuber, you just have to contact the CEO, Darren Bradbury, and he will definitely accommodate you with an interview – live and unscripted. You can always reach out to him on Facebook.

Recently, some ordinary members met the CEO, Darren, in Bristol and in Dublin last February 2020.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, I’m still blown away by how MPT changed my point of view (and my finances) with this online opportunity. I know there are so many scams out there. Fortunately, MPT is NOT one of them. It is very legit and sustainable.

The recent market crash in March 2020, has made the company to shift it a paradigm. The previous model of MPT was a fixed daily return of 1% for 125 days. That’s a 25% income after around 4 months or 6.25% a month. I was very happy with that. In fact, I was getting a daily withdrawal of $50 a day (see image below).

The market crash happened and people were in panic (still at this time of update – March 31, 2020), the company had to make a huge decision to change the profit-sharing model into a 3.82% – 4.8% weekly profit forever. And I personally even love it. It’s even higher.

Join the MPT and see how it works.

It’s Free. No registration fee. No membership fee.

Right mindset and action are the keys to financial freedom.