Passive Income Opportunity Review – CT Passive. Take a brief look at my latest review of this platform and see if it’s the right place to grow your money.

Official Website:
Minimum Investment: $5
Daily Return w/ Principal: 1.5%
Year Launched: December 2019
Payment Option Bitcoin and Perfect Money 
Bonus Referral Commissions
Registration Australian Registered Company
Security BTC Manual, PM Automatic, Captcha
Available: WORLDWIDE


CT Passive Reviews: Pros And Cons

  • Been paying member since December 2019
  • Consistent Return of 1.5% per day
  • Good referral commission
  • Easy To Use Platform
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Highly Transparent
  • Experienced Admin
  • Good interaction with the owner
  • Very interactive Facebook group
  • Maximum $10,000 investment
  • High-security account check
  •  Multiple Accounts Not Allowed

 Summary: CT Passive is a platform owned by C T Network Group Pty. Ltd., An Australian Registered Company. This platform has been consistently paying members 1.5% daily for availing advertising packages and access to ebooks library. 

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CT Passive Review

CT Passive is an advertising and ebooks platform. It is an Australian registered company and has been operating and paying members since December 2019.

The mode of payment is Bitcoin and Perfect Money. If you are new to the crypto programs like CT Passive, you wouldn’t want to join just any platform as 99% of them are scams.

The recent market crash caused by the Covid-19 pandemic crisis has proven that CT Passive setup is crisis resistant – so far its operation is as usual.

Looking around, while a lot of programs are closing, yes even the ones with trading proofs, the CT Passive platform has maintained its normal operation. Well, almost.

Why did I say almost? The recent crisis as increased a lot of withdrawals and the platform need to make adjustment where you can only make withdrawals Monday-Friday. It was formerly Monday – Sunday. That’s fair enough.

See the short video below on how it works. 

What Makes The CT Passive Crisis Resistant?

The platform has a strict policy of 50% re-purchase and 50% cash. This means you are required to re-purchase advertising every time you get the daily earnings. 

Example: If you bought $100 worth of advertising. You will get $1.5 every day within 100 days. That’s 150 % or 50% net profit. However, if you want to withdraw, you are only allowed to withdraw 50% of the daily earning. 

So, the $1.5 daily earning will be split up = $0.75 re-purchase and $0.75 cash balance. You can only withdraw $0.75 and the other $0.75 goes back to the platform for more advertising packages/positions. 

This is the first platform that has this policy. So, when the Covid-19 crisis hit almost all platforms, CT Passive has remained the same. Pretty smart. 

How To Earn Money With CT Passive?

There are 3 ways to earn money with CT Passive.

First, if you have your own website you can use your website credits to promote your business and gain a lot of traffic. If you don’t have a website but you have other programs to promote, you can still leverage this platform to refer visitors and potential referrals.

Second, if you like network marketing, then CT Passive has this function. Although it is not a requirement for you to earn money with this platform, it is a good idea to refer people and boost your earnings. There are a lot of ways to do this. Examples are inviting your friends, making a simple website doing a review exactly what I do right now, or make a video on youtube.

Third and lastly, this is my favorite. The daily passive income. Even if you don’t do the first and second methods, you can still earn a lot of money on this platform using the compounding effect.

Make a simple computation for $100, 1.5% for 100 days. Without the compounding, you will get a total of $150 back after 100 days. However, remember that you need to re-invest 50%. So, you can only withdraw $75. Still great because you still have $75 back on the platform.

Using the compounding, which means you repurchase every time you get $5 in your account, both on re-purchase and cash balance combined.



The Daily Compounding Effect On CT Passive 

I must admit that the above computation for $100 compounding 100% daily is definitely inaccurate. Why? Because the cost of each ad position is $5 each. So, if you only get $1.5 daily, you can not do the daily compounding. You need to wait 4 days before you can buy 1 ad position.

So, in order to do the daily compounding effect on CT Passive, the magic number you’d be looking for is $335. This means that every day, you will get $5.025 for re-purchase and cash balance combined.

Let’s see how the computation looks like for the $335 daily compounding at 100% and 50%. The latter means you withdraw your cash balance.



Compounding A $50 With CT Passive  

If you are interested in this platform, you need to understand how it really works but you should not wait longer because once the platform has reached 10,000 members, it will be closed for the new ones.


CT Passive is the only platform that has been proven to be crisis resistant. Among other similar platforms, CT passive’s operation has remained normal.

It delivers what it promised and communication from the owner is very prompt. During my research about the CT Passive, the only complaints I’ve seen are those people who used fake names or nicknames on their profile and they couldn’t make a huge withdrawal – because they were required to present a government-issued ID using that profile name.

So, remember to put your real name on your profile so prevent this problem.

I haven’t personally encountered any problem with my account, the withdrawal and deposits work perfectly fine.

At the time of this review, the total number of members are: 8725 

Total Payout of $440675.35

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