Passive Income Opportunity Review – Diversity Fund Club. Take a brief look at my latest review of this platform and see if it’s the right place to grow your money.

Official Website: (Check It Out Here)
Minimum Investment: $25 
Daily Return w/ Principal: 0.70 to 1.1%  per day
Year Launched: October 2016
Payment Option Bitcoin and Perfect Money 
Bonus Referral Commissions
Registration Internet-Based Club
Security Manual Posting / Individual Control
Available: WORLDWIDE


 Diversity Fund Club Reviews: Pros And Cons

My Passive Trades: PROS My Passive Trades: CONS
  • More than 3-year-old business
  • Consistent Return of 0.70-1.1% per day
  • Good referral commission (optional)
  • Easy To Use Platform
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Highly Transparent
  • Experienced Admin
  • Good interaction with the owner


  • Limited Number of Profit-Packs Allowed

Summary: Diversity Fund Club (DFC) is an internet-based club for people with a common interest in earning money through renting profit-packs of advertising packages. DFC has been consistently paying 0.70%-1.1% its members for more than 3 years through diversified online money making programs and investments. 

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Diversity Fund Club Review

Finding an honest and transparent internet-based money making club is not that easy. In fact, there are a lot of scams around the internet when it comes to money-making programs online.

But, is there really at least one that exists? Then, it’s probably the Diversity Fund Club.

I already observed and still observing some programs similar to the Diversity Fund Club. Yet, there is nothing I can find that can beat it when it comes to transparency and regular payments.

So, why is the Diversity Fund Club one of the programs you should consider for passive income streams online?

Let’s dig it in… 

I joined the Diversity Fund Club (DFC) for about a month ago now. So, if you are looking for comprehensive and honest information about it, then you’re absolutely in the right place. I’m sure even before you finished reading this review, you will definitely know whether or not you should risk your money.


How To Earn Money With DFC?


As mentioned above, DFC is an internet-based club of people with a common interest in earning money online.  Joining this club will give you an opportunity to rent profit-packs that will earn you a daily income of 0.70%-1.1%.

There are two major types of Profit-Packs: The DP25 Profit-Pack and The DP50 Profit-Pack.

See the image below.

When you rent profit packs, you start with the DP25. You get daily commissions of 0.70-1-1% every day, which include your principal. The profit packs expire when you reached 125%. 

How is that?

If you are new to this type of money-making, then this really sounds complicated.

A simple comparison is like when you rent a condo unit for 6 months and you rent out the same condo unit on a daily basis like on Airbnb. After six months the condo rental contract expires and you can no longer use the same condo unit.

With the DP25 profit-packs, instead of 6 months contract expiration, they expire when you get 120% of your rental fee.

For Illustration:

You rent 4 profit-packs at $25 each. So you pay a total of $100. Let’s say you get 1% a day (just to make the computation simpler).  When you get $120 (120% of $100) the Profit-Packs expire. So you earn 20% after 120 days or 4 months, which is around 5% a month. 

The maximum number of DP25 profit packs you can rent is 20 packs. After the 20 packs, you can get the DP50 profit packs, which give a higher profit because they expire at 125%.

You can get a maximum of 50 DP50 profit packs. But you need to rent 20 DP25 Profit-packs first before you can begin with the DP50s.

So, if you want to max out your profit with DFC profit packs, then you will only need $3000. Let’s see how much you can earn on maximum.

20 packs DP25 = $500

50 packs DP50 = $2500

On a conservative calculation, you can earn $200 per month ($3000 x 5%). I know it doesn’t sound that much, but to think 5% a month or 60% per year is an extraordinary rate of return compared to any P2P or crowdfunding investment, or any banking and investment products.

So, if you have $3000 to invest in profit packs rental, then you can enjoy a profit of $200 per month. Completely passive.

Alternatively, you can start with 1 profit pack ($25) and earn a referral income of 8% for every people who sign up with your referral link. Invest them in the platform until you reach the maximum allowed investment of $3000.


How Does Diversity Fund Club Sustain Members’ Income? 

DFC is like a peer-to-peer investment or crowdfunding. The funds that are being generated from the members’ profit packs are being invested in different online money making programs such as cryptocurrency trading,  sports betting, forex, advertising revenue share, etc. DFC diversifies its portfolio in at least 15 investments. At the time of this review, the DFC portfolio consists of 21 diversified investments. This is a very good way of minimizing risks.

Every single day, you get the profit-sharing from all the investments made by the DFC. The percentage is not fixed. It ranges between 0.70%-1.1% a day. So, you basically have no definite time frame for expiration.

See the presentation below.

How To Manage Risk? 

I’m quite a risk-taker but I have my own criteria when taking risks when it comes to opportunities like the Diversity fund-club.

  • The platform must have been around for at least 2 years
  • Good reviews from the real users
  • Start investing in a small amount of money
  • Scale-up when results are good and consistent


  • Invest only what you can afford to lose
  • Protect your capital
  • Diversify your portfolio

How To Protect Your Capital? 

Given the fact that this investment is very risky, protecting your capital is a must. You need to withdraw your capital slowly as soon as you start earning enough.

For example, if you invested $100, you can start withdrawing your capital as soon as you reached the doubled amount ex. $200+. Then you still have $100 on your account and you’ll be completely risk-free.

How To Diversify Your Portfolio? 

It is very important to acknowledge that all investments involve risks – the stock market, Forex, Cryptos, real estates and even putting your money in your ordinary savings account has the risk of inflation loss.

I’ve personally been investing in real estate, stock market and mutual funds for many years now. And I recently started investing in P2P crowdfunding. My Passive Trades is the first one I gave a shot in this type of investment. And then I tried the Diversity Fund Club. I’m so happy with the results, you can check my portfolio.

Like my P2P crowdfunding investment technique, I apply the same diversification with the crypto crowdfunding – invest in at least 3 platforms.


So, Is Diversity Fund Club a real deal? 

Yes. Absolutely. If you are good in taking a risk and enjoying bigger results than the traditional investments in the stock market or P2P Business, then Diversity Fund Club is one of the most stable platforms that unfailingly pays it’s members every single day. It’s already proven for more than 3 years at the time of this review.

I already tested the platform for almost 2 months now. I initially invested $100 and then I added another $100 the following week. The profit is literally passive. I already earned $100 which I reinvested to get the effect of compounding. So I now have 12 profit packs which give me around $2.1 to $3,3 dollars per day. Which is awesome.

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