Envestio Is Under Legal Investigation

Take a look at our latest review of Envestio and find out if this platform is the right place for your money to passively grow.

Envestio Reviews: Overview

Official Website: Envestio.com (Check It Out Here)
Minimum Investment: €1
Average Interest Rate: ~18.51%
Year Launched: 2017
SEC. Market: NO
Auto-Invest Option: NO
Buy Back Guarantee: Yes
Bonus: +0.5% FOR 270 DAYS
Available: EUROPE

Envestio Review: PROS Envestio Review: CONS
High investment returns
NO investment fees
Excellent customer support
Option to get out of loans
Supporting Entrepreneurship
Auto-invest option (From July 2019)
Limited numbers of loans available

Summary: Envestio offers one of the highest rate of return among the P2P sites around Europe. It offers up to 22% interest per annum and an average return of 18.51%. Investing in a higher interest comes with a higher risk. So, if you can tolerate risk, then Envestio is one of the great investment platforms to diversify your portfolio with.

Envestio Reviews 2019: Are Your Investment Safe Here?

Envestio has become popular lately among P2P investors. Due to their high average rate of return of 18.51%, it is understandable why Envestio became one of the investor’s favorites.

If you are considering to invest in Envestio or you’ve just got started with crowd-funding or peer-to-peer concept, then this review is worth to read on.

We will be walking you through the different features of the platform plus some sign-up bonus should you decide to use this investment platform.

What is Envestio?

Envestio is an investment opportunity for anyone from Europe. It provides alternative funding in a form of bridge financing and equity replacement loans available to large investment projects.

Most of the loans available are as follows:

  • Industrial loans in mining
  • materials production
  • energy production
  • real estate development (mainly for factories and warehouses)
  • Wind farming
  • food production

Envestio started as a private investment fund in Estonia in 2014 and went public in 2017.

At the time of the writing, 65 projects have been successfully completed and 39 active projects are on the platform. There are 8245 registered investors on the platform who have funded € 20 079 154 million towards the projects and received €  1 319 397 in interest.

Sample Active Projects

Sample Active Projects On Envestio

Sign-Up Bonus

If you sign up using the link below, you’ll get the following sign-up bonus:

The first time you deposit at least €100 on your investment account, you will get €5 extra to invest for.

An activity bonus of 0.5% for the first 270 days after you register.

Envestio Platform

Envestio offers one of the highest rates of return among the P2P investment sites. You can even achieve an interest rate for up to 22% per annum. But, the main question is – are your investments safe with Envestio?

Main Risk: The project you invested in failed.

The main fear of all investors is to lose all their investments. But what happens when a project failed? will you lose your money?

The short answer is no.

Your investments at Envestio are actually secured 90-100% through their partial BuyBack Guarantee.

Here’s how:

If the loan or the entire project fails, the investor will initially receive 80% of their investment principal back, 6 days after the loan matures. And then you have two options for the remaining 20% of your investment: You can instantly get back half of the remaining principal or wait until the loan is recovered from the borrowers.

Selection process

Getting funded from Envestio requires a proper selection process to ensure minimal risk for the investors as much as possible.

People who wish to get funded with a project do directly to Envestio for the application.

Then, Envestio team will perform a deep analysis of the project. This is to carefully evaluate the potential risk of the projects and grant an interest rate according to that risk.

One of the important things, that this team assesses is whether the borrower has enough funds and assets to repay or not.

How To Manage Your Risk

No matter how careful an investment team in the selection process, there’s always a risk of failures.

In order to manage the risk, there are two major things you can do to be almost completely in control of your investment risks and protect your money.

Firstly, diversify your investments on Envestio, which means you need to invest in multiple projects. In this manner, you will be spreading your risk. For example, if you have 10 invested projects and one of them fails, then only 10% of your portfolio will be affected.

Secondly, diversify your investment to multiple investment platforms. This means, even if the entire platform collapses, only a small portion of your investment will suffer.

How Secure Is The Envestio Platform?

There a lot of online fraud and money laundering that all parties want to be completely away when transacting with Envestio.

We found some of the great security measures on Envestio. Amongst the others are:

  • The good identity verification process
  • “Only bank transfer” for the first deposit.

Envestio Reviews: Who Can Invest?

Both individuals, but also companies can register at Envestio. So whether you want to register as a business or private person, it is possible.


Individual private accounts are easy to acquire. You just have to be of legal age and you must be able to verify your identity. Then, you’re ready to go.


Acquiring a corporate account is also not quite complicated. All you have to do is to fill up all the required information about your business and the business should be registered in any of the EEA member countries.

However, if the business is based in Switzerland, it’s also allowed to be registered anyway. You just have to contact Envestio for more guidelines and details.

Envestio Reviews: Fees

Envestio offers free of charge for all their investing services except for the withdrawal below €5

Envestio Reviews: Conclusion

Our research about the security of your investment on Envestio has led us to an honest opinion of a fairly secured platform and strong BuyBack Guarantee policy.

With the Envestio BuyBack Guarantee, your investment is 90-100% secured – where you get 80% of your principal and the 20% will be given back either after Envestio has collected the full loan from the borrower or you can choose to get the 10% right after the term of the loan.

However, investing in higher interest loans come with higher risk. As a general rule for managing investment risk, it is always advisable to diversify your portfolio in many projects as well as in different platforms like the Grupeer and EstateGuru.

Given the fact that Envestio offers a limited number of investment projects, it’s difficult to diversify your investment in Envestio right away.

We hope you enjoyed our Envestio reviews and you find it helpful in deciding whether your money will safely grow in this platform. If so, then consider signing up with Envestio and let your money start growing and work for you.

By clicking the button below you will be taken directly to Envestio’s site, where you can sign in as an investor in one of the fast-growing P2P platforms with great investment opportunities.


You will get €5 extra to invest for four first deposit of at least €100 on your investment account.

Plus an activity bonus of 0.5% for the first 270 days after you register. Basically, the bonus gives you 0.5% of the average amount you have invested in the platform over the period.

To get the Envestio bonus, simply register on their platform through one of the links here in our Envestio review.

Envestio Is Under Legal Investigation