Take a look at our latest review of Grupeer and find out if this platform is the right place to grow your money.

Grupeer Reviews: Overview

Official Website: Grupeer.com (Check It Out Here)
Minimum Investment: €10
Average Interest Rate: ~13.46%
Year Launched: 2017
SEC. Market: NO
Auto-Invest Option: Yes
Buy Back Guarantee: Yes
Bonus: NO
Available:Many Countries
Grupeer Review: PROS Grupeer Review: CONS
High investment returns
NO investment fees
Good diversification opportunities
Auto-invest Option
cashback bonus on loans
No secondary market (yet)
Interest rates have dropped a bit

Summary: Grupeer is one of the excellent Peer-to-Peer lending platforms for both the beginner and the more experienced investor. The platform offers a return in the high-end with an average of 13.46%. To top it all, it’s has an auto-invest setting option, which allows you to invest completely on autopilot.

Grupeer Reviews 2019: Can Your Money Grow Here Safely?

What is Grupeer?

Grupeer is one of the popular and fast-growing peer-to-peer lending platforms in Europe. It originates from Latvia and offers secured loans with an average earning of 13.46%.

As of 2019, the company reached almost 50 million euros in issued loans and it has also steadily grown with almost 12500 investors from more than 80 countries around the world. And these numbers are rapidly growing!

Grupeer specializes in business loans and real estate development projects. However, you can also find other types of loans in the platform such as mortgage loans, car loans, and personal loans.

Grupeer Platform

Grupeer has a very easy-to-use platform which connects investors with loans that are already issued. So, you actually take over shares in existing loans from professionals in the credit market.

However, even though you take over shares in the loans, the company that issued the loan is still responsible for administering it. This simply means that you are tied to the loan with your capital, but have no responsibility in connection with the loan agreements.

Grupeer has also a user-friendly marketplace which works by giving investors the opportunity to obtain shares in loans issued by professionals in the loan industry.

Grupeer BuyBack Guarantee

Most loans on Grupeer offer additional investment security in a form of the buyback guarantee.

A buyback guarantee means that even if the lender doesn’t pay you back, Grupeer will the initial investment plus the interest that you would have received.

How can a company like Grupeer pay you back through this concept? It’s simple. All loans come with collaterals on them. So, the company can liquidate the collateral to pay the investors back in case of bad loans.

Another thing is, the interest rates that they charge to the borrowers are much higher than the interest rates offered to their investors.

This is how they earn profit and how they manage risks.

From the investors’ point of view, unless the platform goes bankrupt, your investment will always be secure on Grupeer.

How Secure Is The Grupeer Platform?

There a lot of online fraud and money laundering that all parties want to be completely away when transacting with Grupeer.

We found some of the great security measures on Grupeer. Amongst the others are:

  • The good identity verification process
  • “Only bank transfer” for the first deposit.

Expected Return Of Investment

Historically the returns on Grupeer have been 14%+, however, in the recent months, the returns have dropped to 10-13%, which is still a good return.

Most of the loans are short term, ranging from 6 months to 12 months. However, longer loans (3-5 years) are also available.

If you want an even higher rate of return, then check out Envestio. That P2P platform offers a higher return than the Grupeer. They have the same loans segments but the platform works a bit different. Just be aware of the fact: higher return = higher risk.

Grupeer Reviews: Auto Invest Strategy

You can start investing in Grupeer either investing in loans manually or setting up an auto-invest strategy right away.

Setting up an auto-invest strategy is very easy. Here’s how (Refer to the image below the instructions.)

  1. Once you’re logged in, go to the auto-invest option under the “invest” category.
  2. Create the name for your strategy. You can create as many as you like and apply one at a time.
  3. Choose the loan types you are interested in such as mortgage loan, car loan, business loan, personal loan, and development project.
  4. Choose one, some or all the 195 countries available on the platform.
  5. And then choose the deal partner or the loan originator example – A24 Finance, NordCard, Monify or even choose all the 29 partners and originators.
  6. After that, you can indicate the interest rate and the term interval. For example, if you choose 13-25% as your interest rate interval and 9 months as your term interval, then it will give you 149 deals using these criteria.
  7. Then the next important thing you want to set up is the limit of your investment for this auto-invest strategy and how much is the maximum amount per loan.
  8. Lastly, you need to choose whether or not you want non-amortized or Amortized repayment type, how long you want to use this strategy and then the currency. Currently, the Euro is the only option.

Investing in non-amortized loans means that your total investment will be paid together with the interest at the end of the contracted term. While the amortized loan means you will get the interest plus the investment in small chucks monthly. Some of the amortized loans offer only interest payment and then you will get the principal or the initial investment at the end of the term.

Grupeer Reviews: Conclusion

After further research, while conducting this review on Grupeer, is hereby our honest opinion that the platform is fairly secure.

Using the “bank transfer only for the first deposit”, it gives fair protection that even someone had breached access to your account, nobody can just request withdrawals using other bank account or payment details.

The most attractive feature of Grupeer is the platform itself which is a very easy-to-use yet a very sophisticated one. With a starting investment of only €10, it, therefore, caters both the beginner and the expert investors.

Lastly, the average interest rate of $13.46% is very attractive and compelling for a minimal effort of managing your portfolio.

We hope you enjoyed our Grupeer review and you find it helpful in deciding whether your money will safely grow in this platform. If so, then consider signing up with Grupeer and let your money grow and work for you.

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