Kuetzal Is A Scam & Under Legal Investigation. 

Take a look at my latest review of Kuetzal and find out if this platform is the best place to grow your money.

Official Website: Kuetzal.com (Check It Out Here)
Minimum Investment: €100
Average Interest Rate: Up to 21% p.a.
Year Launched: 2018
SEC. Market: NO
Auto-Invest Option: NO
Buy Back Guarantee: YES
Bonus: 0.5% of all investment within 180days
Available: WORLDWIDE

Kuetzal Reviews: Overview

Kuetzal: PROS Kuetzal Review: CONS
Excellent performance
Various projects in different industries
BuyBack Guarantee
Kuetzal Care for extra security
Higher interests
Open worldwide
No Auto-invest
Not all projects are covered with Buyback

Summary: Kuetzal is one of the best choices in diversifying P2P investments. It has excellent performance, high level of security and verification. It offers a relatively high rate of return with a buyback guarantee.

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Kuetzal Reviews: Are Your Investments Safe Here?

If you are looking for another platform for diversifying your P2P investments, then Kuetzal could be one of the excellent choices around that many investors are trusting their money with.

But, how safe is your investments in this platform?

Welcome to my review of Kuetzal.

Make sure to maximize a 0.5% bonus on the investments you make within 180 days at Kuetzal in case you end up deciding to invest in Kuetzal.
(Note: Some bonus offers are ending soon).

What is Kuetzal?

Kuetzal is a platform of crowdfunding businesses and projects that offer a relatively high return on interest. Its main office is located at Tallin, Estonia.

Kuetzal wants to be a platform that connects the most promising regional projects with investors to create mutual high value-added cooperation.

What makes the Kuetzal unique among the other P2P platforms is actually the Kuetzal care.

Kuetzal Care is a program that guarantees the project to be fully funded at the agreed date, which means Kuetzal will provide the additional money needed to complete the necessary fund for the projects.

Since Kuetzal invests its own money in the submitted projects, it adds an assurance that this company will do its best to protect its own investments and of course, the reputation of the company.

How Does Kuetzal Care Work?

When a project is submitted to Kuetzal, it will be guaranteed that it will become fully funded. So, even though the project only met 45% of the needed funds, Kuetzal care will use its own funds or third-party funds and invest the deficit amount (55%) to complete the target amount.

Image source: Kuetzal.com

Sample Active Projects

Sample Funded Projects

As shown above, not all projects have the same Rate of Interest (ROI).

However, I can definitely admit that the fixed interest rates offered on Kuetzal are generally very competitive and attractive for the risk-taker investors.

Financial Freedom Computation

Target €3,000 per month

Initial Investment €2000
Monthly Investment: €200
Annual Interest: 21%
Growth Years: 15

The result after 15 Years: €222,982
Total contribution: €38,000

Annual Income After 15 Years: (€222,982 X 21%) = €46,807
Monthly Income: €46,807 X 21% = €3900


Screenshot from Investor.gov
(Calculated in Dollars)

Just to think that you only contribute a total of €38,000 within 15 years and your money will grow to €222,892 and can give you a monthly income of €3900.

That’s Awesome!

Sign-Up Bonus

If you sign up using the link below, you’ll get the following sign-up bonus:

A bonus of 0.5% for the first 180 days after you register.

Kuetzal Investment Platform

Like the other investment platforms, Kuetzal ensures that all users of the platform are verified investors.

But as an investor, you definitely want to know how secure your money is on this platform.

Main Risk: The project you invested in failed.

The main fear of all investors is to lose all their investments. But what happens when a project fails? will you lose your money?

The short answer is no.

Your investments are protected by the Kuetzal Care, Investment Return tool and buyback guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

Under the worst scenario (very unlikely to happen), when a project declared a default, Kuetzal guarantees to cover 100% of your investment during the next 2 months after default is announced (for those projects that are supported with buy-back).

This time will be used to initiate the legal process. 2 months is the maximum term that you can expect to have funds back in 1-2 weeks.

The majority of the projects on Kuetzal are backed up by the project owners with collateral.

To make your investments almost completely risk free at Kuetzal, choose only projects with a buyback guarantee and diversify with different projects.

Loan Selection Process

Kuetzal does not accept all the projects that apply to us for raising funds.

They evaluate the potential success of the project, as well as the level of interest this may cause to the public.

Kuetzal aims to help businesses not only raise funds but also to make these businesses visible to the wider public.

Kuetzal’s professional team constantly monitors the development of the projects that the investments are collected for, and the progress is published on the website so that investors can see what their funds are used for.

Getting funded from Kuetzal requires collateral or a mortgaged property and a good credit rating of the borrower to ensure the least possible risks for the investors.

For expansion purposes, the business must show proof of profitability through its financial statements.

No loan will be granted if the borrower doesn’t meet these requirements.

So, even though the Kuetzal doesn’t have a BuyBack Guarantee on all its projects, like Grupeer or Envestio, their projects are secured with a mortgage and the Kuetzal care. This makes the investment in Kuetzal highly secured.

What If Kuetzal Goes Bust?

Since Kuetzal has been offering high risk of project investments compensated with higher interest rates, there’s always a major fear for all investors:

If Kuetzal goes bust: What will happen?

Legally speaking, Kuetzal is not a financial institution. Instead, they are a facilitator. This means that they are also regulated as a facilitator. So if they happen to close, they will be treated as such.

Since Kuetzal is a facilitator, asset management is not something they do.

Here’s what to expect in case Kuetzal declares bankruptcy.

  • All the loan contracts are written between the borrower and the investors.
  • All investors’ money is also separated from Kuetzal’s funds.
  • Kuetzal’s clients’ money is stored in a separate client bank account.
  • If Kuetzal goes bankrupt, the investors’ money does not disappear.
  • You can still withdraw your money from the platform.
  • A contractual entity will take over the management of the investments.

How To Manage P2P Risk

Risk management is always advisable in every investment type you’re into. With the peer-to-peer investment, I highly recommended and personally the following techniques in protecting investments.

First, diversify your investments on Kuetzal, which means you need to invest your money in different projects. In this manner, you will be spreading your risks.

For example, if you have 10 invested projects and one of them fails, then only 10% of your portfolio will be affected while the other 90% will still deliver profits.

Second, diversify your investments into multiple investment platforms. Example, I personally use Mintos, Grupeer, Envestio, CrowdEstae, and EstateGuru. You can see my portfolio here.

This means, even if the entire platform collapses, only a small portion of your investment will suffer, while the others will still deliver profits and cover the eventual loss.

Kuetzal Reviews: Who Can Invest?

To become an investor in Kuetzal, you must meet the following requirements:


  • Any private individual of legal age
    • Passport or driver’s license for proof of identity
    • Utility Bills for proof of residency
  • Business Entities
    • Registration Certificate
    • Utility Bills

To get started, just follow this process:

  1. Create an account
  2. Add funds to your account
  3. Pick projects and start investing

Getting started is very simple as steps 1-2-3 and your money will start to grow.

Sign-up below and get 0.5% on top of the investments you make during the first 180 days:


My research about the security of your investment in Kuetzal has led me to an honest opinion of a pretty secured platform through Keutzal Care And Buyback Guarantee.

However, since the company is quite new, there are no financial statements available yet to show the full transparency of its operation. The company has promised its first financial report by the end of 2019, probably at the beginning of January 2020.

Investing in P2P Lending or crowdfunding is always considered to be a high risk no matter how secured the projects are. So, it is always advisable to diversify your portfolio in many projects as well as on different platforms like the Grupeer, Mintos and Envestio.

We hope you enjoyed my Kuetzal reviews and you find it helpful in deciding whether your money will safely grow in this platform. If so, then consider signing up with Kuetzal below and let your money start growing and work for you.

By clicking the button below you will be taken directly to Keutzal’s site, where you can sign in as an investor in one of the fast-growing P2P platforms with great investment opportunities.


0.5% of all investments you make in the platform over the 180-day period.

To get the Kuetzal bonus, simply register on their platform through one of the links here in our Kuetzal review.

Kuetzal Is Under Legal Investigation. 

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