Take a look at my latest review of Mintos and find out if this platform is the right place to passively grow your hard-earned money.

Mintos Review: Summary

Official Website: Mintos.com (Check It Out Here)
Minimum Investment: €10
Average Interest Rate: ~ 12.20% p.a.
Year Launched: 2015
SEC. Market: YES
Auto-Invest Option: YES
Buy Back Guarantee: NO
Bonus: +1% FOR 90 DAYS
Available: WORLDWIDE

Mintos Review: PROS Mintos Review: CONS
  • No investment fees
  • Good diversification opportunities
  • Huge quantity of loans available
  • Auto-invest feature
  • Secondary market is available
  • The minimum investment is €10
  • Charges for currency exchange

Summary: Mintos is definitely one of the best P2P platforms you can consider especially when it comes to diversifying to different types of investment in different countries. With an average return of 12.20%, I understand the popularity of Mintos among its investors. 

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Mintos Review: Are Your Investments Safe?

If you are considering investing through the platform, Mintos, I highly encourage that you read this review, since a lot of buzzes has been thrown on the European P2P platforms.

Is your investment safe here?

I personally invest in this platform, so you’ll definitely get an insider’s in-depth review.

This review is quite long. So, if you want you can choose to jump up to the conclusion part. You can, of course, choose to read from A-Z and be reminded that everything that is written here is based on my experience and opinion, and should not be considered as financial advice.

Make sure to maximize a 1% bonus on the investments you make within 90 days at Mintos in case you end up deciding to invest in Mintos.

Mintos Review: What is Mintos?

Mintos is a Latvian peer-to-peer lending marketplace that connects investors and loan originators offering an alternative financing solution. This investment opportunity is open for anyone. Unlike EstateGuru and Envestio which are only for European investors, Mintos is open for all investors around the world. 

At the time of the writing, there are 96 782 loans available. There are 65 lending companies from 30 countries, 181 283 investors from more than 70 countries who have been paid an interest of  € 1 180 579 in the prior week and these numbers are growing…

Mintos is a leader for continental Europe with a 38% market share according to AltFi Data. Just less than 3 years after launching, Mintos reached high profitability in 2017 with a revenue of 2.1 million EUR and a net profit of 196.000 EUR.

Mintos won AltFi’s “People’s choice award” in 2016, 2017 and 2018. 

Mintos won the Altfi People’s Choice Award in both 2016, 2017 and 2018:

Mintos review peoples choice award 2016
Mintos review peoples choice award 2017
Mintos review peoples choice award 2018

Expected Rate of Interest

The expected rate of interest on Mintos is around 12.23% per annum. Since this is what investors receive on average, you can reasonably expect the same return rate.

My personal rate of return is at 12.02% and this is due to my personal choice of loans with different rates of return. So, this is actually up to you whether your average rate of return will be higher or lower than the average return on the platform. 

If you want a higher average rate, you might want to check out my Envestio review. At that platform, the rate of interest offered are higher and you will be investing in different projects. And remember that the higher the interest, the higher the risk as well. 

How Does Mintos Work?

Unlike other peer-to-peer investment platforms, Mintos is simple a marketplace of different loan originators. This gives you really good diversification possibilities. 

As a rule of thumb, investment in different types of loans and in different loan originators to manage investment risks. 

This is how the flows look like: 

1. Borrowers apply for the loan at the loan originators.

2. The loan originators evaluate the loan application, set the interest rate and lend money using their own funds. 

3. The loan originators will be enlisted at the Mintos Marketplace, where the investors can select to invest in. Thereafter, investors will get monthly payment of principal and interest. 


Sample List Of Loans Available On Euro

Sample Loan Information 

Sample Borrower’s Information 

Mintos Sign-Up Bonus

If you sign up using the link below, you’ll get the following sign-up bonus:

An activity bonus of 1% for the first 90 days after you register.

Mintos Investment Platform

Mintos has a lot of security measures when using this platform. One of which is that all investors must undergo a strict verification process.

As an investor, you really want to know how secure your investment in this platform.


Main Risk: The Borrowers Failed To Pay Back. 

One of the main concerns that an investor has is when borrowers failed to pay back their loan and what will happen to their money if that happens.

This risk can be managed by investing only with loans with buyback guarantee and majority of all available loans inside the platform are backed up with the guarantee. Which means the that loan originators will buy the loan back if a barrow fail to pay his loan.

Another thing that you should be looking for is whether a loan has a collateral or not. Which means the loan originator has the right to liquidate the collateral asset and pay the investors if the loan become default.

Let’s say you have €1,000. Invest in as many as loans as possible with different loan guarantors. So, if you set $25 as your maximum investment for every loan, then you should be looking at 40 loans.

Another benefit of investing with multiple small amount of loans is that you can easily sell these loans on the secondary market if you want to withdraw your money in an unexpected time. 

See below on how to manage your risk on Mintos in 6 Steps.

Mintos Loan Selection Process

Mintos works as a marketplace for loan originators. So, you can not apply for a loan directly to Mintos.

A loan applicant applies for a loan with one of the loan originator and the loan originator will make it visible inside the Mintos investment marketplace.

The loan originators have their own criteria of loan approval. This includes personal finance, job security, and collateral. 

No loan will be granted if the borrower doesn’t meet the requirements of Loan Originator. 


The Advantage Of Loan Originators at Mintos

There are currently (at the time of writing) 66 loan originators inside the Mintos investment marketplace. 

Form the word itself, this where all loans at the investment marketplace coming from.

The main advantage of loan originators is, they add bigger security for the investors. 

In fact, The loan originators have skin in the game, which means they also invest in their own loan offers for up to 20% of the whole loan amount. This also means that they will also lose money if a loan goes on the default that’s why they need to secure.

What If Mintos Goes Bankrupt?

Even though Mintos has been delivering great results through their loan originators for the past years, there’s always a major fear for all investors:

If Mintos goes bankrupt: What will happen?

It is very unlikely that Mintos will go bankrupt since all loans are not directly from offered from them, but rather from the loan originators. 

And it’s very unlike that all loan originators will go bankrupt neither will perform flawlessly for all eternity. Crowdlending or P2P lending is a booming industry and “survival of the fittest” also applies here.

Since Mintos got established in 2015, they only have a problem with one loan originator: The EUROCENT.

Just a year after almost a year since EUROCENT loans were suspended on the investment platform, more than half of the invested principal has been recovered (June 8, 2017). Mintos has ongoing legal follow-ups with this case and investors are being updated on Mintos’ blog.


How To Manage Your Risk At Mintos (5 Steps)

Managing risk is the main key to success in whatever kind of investment vehicle you want to get involved with. Protecting your investment can be done in different ways and what I personally encouraged to diversify your investments as much as you can. 

Step 1: When investing with Mintos, diversify your investment with different types of loan.

 Loan types available at Mintos Platform: 

  •  Business Loan
  • Personal Loan
  • Mortgage Loan
  • Agricultural Loan
  • Short Term Loan
  • Pawnbroking Loan
  • Invoice Financing
  • Car Loan

Step 2: Set a mimimal investment amount for each loan

Example, if you have €1,000 in Mintos and you set your investment amount at the minimum (€25), then you’ll be looking at a portfolio with at least 40 different loans. 

Which means for every loan you only have 1/40 risk. That’s only 0.025% risk exposure. That’s if one of the borrowers become default or can not pay. 

Step 3: Choose Loans With BuyBack Guarantee

If a loan has a buy back guarantee and the borrower failed to pay, then the loan originator will buy the loan back and you will get your money back. 

Step 4: Diversify your investment in multiple loan originators. 

There are 66 loan originators available inside the platform and this number is growing over time. 

Example of loan originators: 

You can see more information about the loan originators, such as:

  • Mintos’ ratings – the higher, the better (A+ is the highest), but the highest that Mintos has given among all loan originators is A-.
  • BuyBack Guarantee – you would definitely want a loan with buyback guarantee, so if a borrower fails to pay, the loan originator will be going to buy the loan back. 
  • Loan Originated – How much they have already originated since they started in Mintos
  • Loan Portofilo – How much Loan they currently have as a whole
  • Skin in the game – How much (percentage) they have invested using their own funds for each loan listed on the platform. 
  • Average rate of interest for their loans. 
  • Loan originators website
  • Year of joining Mintos
  • Number of employees
  • Year founded
  • Loan types 
  • Available currency for investment
  • Country/location
  • Loans outstanding on Mintos. 

Step 5: Diversify your investment with different investment platforms. 

There are a lot of P2P sites available today. I started out with Mintos, EstateGuru, Grupeer, Cowdestate, and Envestio. I will probably find more platforms in the future.

So, if you have €5,000 You would want to spread your money into different investment platforms. Let’s say 20% each platform. I personally prefer stating out with 5 platforms. So that’s an equivalent of €1,000. 


Mintos Reviews: Who Can Invest?

Mintos accepts individual and entity accounts. This makes Mintos a popular choice whatever economy structure you have.

Requirements For Individuals

  1. Minimum age of 18 years
  2. Bank with AML / CFT equivalent to the EU
  3. Successfully verified your identity by Mintos

To get started, just follow this process:

  1. Create an account
  2. Add funds to your account
  3. Pick loans and start investing

Getting started is very simple as step 1-2-3 and your money will start to grow.

Would you like to invest in property loans through Mintos? Then sign-up below and get 1% on top of the investments you make during the first 90 days:

Mintos Reviews: Auto-Invest Features

Mintos platform has Auto Invest features which you might want to use to save time. If you will be going to invest the way I describe above in managing risks, then you definitely want to take advantage of this feature because you will be buying microloans. 

You can choose between Mintos Auto Invest strategies or create your own strategies. 

Mintos Auto Invest Strategies (Pre-set)

Mintos as 3 pre-set auto-invest feature that you can choose from – Short-term, Diversified And Secured Strategy. 

How To Create Your Own Auto-Invest Strategy on Mintos?

The interest rates of the Mintos auto-invest strategies are quite lower than the average rate of interest. If you think the same thing, then you might want to create your own strategy to achieve higher results. It’s very easy all you have to is to set your own criteria fx the minimum interest you want and etc.

Take a glimpse of how it looks like below:

Steps in creating auto-invest: 

  1. Choose Currency – there are currently 12 different currencies you can choose from. You can only choose 1 currency for each auto-invest strategy. You need to create auto-invest for each currency that you want to invest in.
  2. Choose a marketplace: Primary or Seconday. Primary marketplace are the new loans from loan originators. Secondary marketplace are the loans for sale posted by the investors. 
  3. Set which loan originators by ticking the checkbox – then you can choose other parameters lick Mintos ratings, loan types, country and buyback guarantee. 
  4. Set the minimum and maximum interest rates and Loan terms
  5. Then fill up the general information such as name of your strategy, portfolio size and minimum to maximum investment for each loans etc. 
  6. Accept the terms of agreements
  7. Save and active 

EstateGuru Reviews: Conclusion

My research and my own experienced about the security of investment on Mintos has led me to an honest opinion of real secured investments and a great platform for diversification.

By investing the loans with different loan originators with a buyback guarantee and/or collateral, it is unlikely that you will lose money at Mintos.

However, no matter how secure a platform is, it is always advisable to diversify your portfolio with different platforms. Envestio, Grupeer, EstateGuru, and Crowdestate are some of the ideal platforms that I personally use and started with.

I hope you enjoyed my Mintos reviews and you find it helpful in deciding whether your money will safely grow in this platform. If so, then consider signing up with Mintos below and let your money start growing and work for you.

By clicking the button below you will be taken directly to Mintos’ site, where you can sign in as an investor in one of the fast-growing P2P platforms with great investment opportunities.


1% of the average amount you have invested in the platform over the 90-day period.

To get the Mintos bonus, simply register on their platform through one of the links here in my Mintos review.