Crypto Network Program Portfolio 


 (Last Update: 13th May 2020)


Program Description Date I Started Deposit Withdrawals Note

 My Eureka Club (MEC)


Most Stable Program Offering Members a Cash Back Rewards Of the Whole Polaris Universal, Ltd) Portfolio 20th November 2019

Erk 10800



 0.5% daily 

(Expired at 150%): 50% net profit

Diversity Fund Club


Profit-sharing program from a diversified portfolio of different crypto network programs, forex, sports betting, own trading, etc. read more 21st November 2019 $200 0


0.7-1% daily (Expired after 120%): 20% net profit

CT Passive Profit-sharing from own Traders & Partner Programs.  25th March 2020 $200 0


1.5% daily (100 days: 50% net profit)

City Build Trade Profit-Sharing from the construction industry since 2013 26th December 2020


(Accu. Value: 58.68)


2% weekly net profit.

Customer Support Slow Response 

Total Out Of Pocket: $12100 $700* 0 *Incl. Accumulated Amount


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