Take a brief look at my latest review of My Passive Trades Platform and Investment and see if this is a right place to grow your money to financial freedom.

Official Website: mypassivetrades.com (Check It Out Here)
Minimum Investment: $10
Average Interest Rate: Up to 1.25% PER DAY
Year Launched: January 2018
Payment Option Bitcoin (CoinPayment) and Perfect Money 
Bonus Referral Bonuses & Commissions
Registration United Kingdom
Security 2FA Authentication
Available: WORLDWIDE


 My Passive Trades Reviews: Pros And Cons

My Passive Trades: PROS My Passive Trades: CONS
  • (almost) 2-year-old business
  • Consistent Return of 1-1.25% per day
  • Good referral commission (optional)
  • Easy To Use Platform
  • 2FA Verification Security
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Master Traders do all the trades 
  • Highly Transparent 
  • High-Risk Investment

Summary: My Passive Trades is one of the newly establish crowdfunding online investment platforms. It offers a high rate of return for up to 1.25% per day. This investment opportunity is not for everybody. However, if you can tolerate high risk in your portfolio, then this platform could be one way of diversifying your investment. 


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My Passive Trades [A Shortcut To Financial Freedom Or A Scam?]


Is there really a shortcut to financial freedom? Will My Passive Trades be the answer to your financial struggle? Or this is just another scam?

Welcome to my review of My Passive Trades

In this review, I will provide you all the necessary information that you need about My Passive Trades as a member. So, I invested in this platform and took the risk in order to provide you the most comprehensive and honest review of this platform.

Let remind you that I’m not a professional financial adviser, so anything you find in this review should not be considered as a financial recommendation but rather my honest opinion, my own investment techniques, and experience about this investment opportunity.

With that being said, rest assured that this review is made for all who are seeking more information about My Passive Trades investment opportunity to make a better judgment of this platform and make a better decision for your finances.


Let’s get started…

What is My Passive Trades?

My Passive Trades is a crypto/forex crowdfunding-type investment opportunity offering a high return of investment for up to 1.25% daily passive income.

This platform is registered under Polaris Universal LTD, which is incorporated in the U.K on the 25th of January 2018. You can verify the company number 11168788 through companies house.

Polaris Universal LTD main officers are as follows:

  1. Darren Bradbury – CEO
  2. Lidija Ikasovic – Managing Director
  3. Eldon Conceicao
  4. Ahmed Nabil Amrani – Crypto Master Trader
  5. Victor Joseph Amoto – Forex Trader

These are the other businesses under Polaris Universal LTD:

  • Chatabox – Social Media Platform
  • EurekaX – Crypto Trading Platform
  •  Eureka Blockchain
  • Educational Products

Watch the MPT Presentation of the CEO, Darren, explaining how My Passive Trades really works, how they easily can sustain the passive income for the members, who are doing all the tradings, etc.

How To Earn Money With My Passive Trades?

The are three main ways to earn money with My Passive Trades: The Passive Trading Plan, Referral Bonus, and Trading School Matrix.

There is no membership fee in this platform. Logically, in order to earn money, you need to invest money.

Minimum Investments: 

Passive Trading Plan – $10 (2 Ad Packs)

Trading School Matrix – $99.99 (optional)


Passive Trading Plan: Compensation Plan 1-1.25% per day.

This means you simply earn up to 1.25% every single day passively. You don’t trade – they do it for you. You just get a profit-sharing every day after the end of the day. 

Investment: $10 (Includes adpack credits – where you can advertise on the platform).

The trading is 24-hours a day – this is because crypto and forex trading operates all the time.

Your account will be credited with your daily earning automatically.

This is honestly great as this alone can give you the opportunity to compound your money in a short period of time. Giving the sense of a shortcut to financial freedom. (wink).

See my financial freedom computation below.


Two-Tier Referral System: 8% + 3% (Optional)

You can also earn bonuses by referring people to My Passive Trades. If you know other people who would be happy with this kind of investment, then let them join using your referral link.

  • You will earn 8% of the investment made by the people you directly referred.
  • You will earn 3% of the investment made by the people referred by your referrals.

The referral bonuses stop at the second level, that’s why it’s called a two-tier referral system.

Do you need to refer people to earn money? NO. you can earn money by just investing in AdPacks.


Trading School Matrix – Start At 50% (Optional)

If you want to learn how to trade like a Pro, then this one is for you. It costs only $99.99 to enter the Mentor level. 

If you know people who would love to learn how to trade professionally, then you can earn commissions by referring them to the Trading School.

The commission system uses the matrix system 3X1.

  • The first matrix will cost you $99.99 to enter (Mentor). Commissions: $33 per referral plus $33 per position filled once completed. A new $99.99 tier level starts once completed.
  • The second Matrix Tier will cost you $450 to enter (VIP). Commissions: $150 per referral and $150 per position filled once completed. A new $450 tier level starts once completed.

According to customer support, you need to buy a Trading School Position in order to earn referral commissions in this part. Which means, if you have referrals who bought Trading School Positions, you will not be qualified for the commissions if you’re not inside the Trading School. 

Again, this is just optional. Most of the members are happily earning 1% daily of their passive investments. 

Take a look at my calculations below and see how powerful a daily compounding is. 


My Passive Trades: Financial Freedom Computation

Target $5,000 per month

Initial Investment $100
Monthly Investment: 0

Daily Interest: 1%
Growth Time: 20 Months

Compounding Interval: Monthly

The result after 20 months: $20,261.05
Total contribution: $100

Monthly Income after 20 months: ($20,261.05 X 30%) = $6,078.32 per month

Amazing how your $100 can actually give you financial freedom with a consistent 1% daily passive income. 

I know it sounds funny, yet no wonder why, according to my research, there are around 200 new members are coming every single day. Because it really works.

Well, if you can risk a hundred bills, then this is probably your ticket to financial freedom.

Take a look at the compounding table below: at the end of 2 years, you actually get more than $58,000 as your account balance. This can give you a monthly income of $17,400 per month!

Again, no wonder why people task risk. A $100 bill is just as fast as just buying a pair of shoes or a simple bag. 

Here’s another way to present the power of compounding. 

My Own Experience With My Passive Trades 

I would like to write this part as a Q&A since I get these typical questions.

How Did I come across My Passive Trades? 

I have a fellow blogger and a trusted friend, Simon Keighley, who posted his review of My Passive Trades on his facebook page. I got curious and immediately looked and researched facts about it.

What Was My Reaction About My Passive Trades? 

As a traditional investor, my reaction was “it’s definitely a scam! it’s too good to be true!”. There is no way you can get 1% a day without even doing anything like trading.

What Made My Mind To Try My Passive Trades? 

I honestly registered because I trust the person who’s promoting it. There is no way I would give this one a shot if it wasn’t him. So, a big thanks to Simon.

I reached out to him and asked about his investment results with My Passive Trades and his experience. He started at $150 and this investment is now at $645 (and growing every day). All he has to do is to reinvest his daily income and compound the interest.

He never had any complaints and MPT delivers as described –> 1% daily since day one. He started in May 2019.

He honestly admitted that he also asked a few of his close friends, who are members, before he got confidence to invest in MPT, as there are so many scams and deceitful opportunities out there.

How Did I Start Investing In My Passive Trades? 

I register on the platform on August 4, 2019. Since the platform was quite new, I waited almost 4 months before I funded my account for the first time.

You can start investing with simple steps:

  1. Register an MPT account here.
  2. Fund your account with bitcoin.
  3. Then start buying Passive Trades Packs (Ad Packs)

If you don’t have a bitcoin/crypto wallet yet, you can get one from coinbase. I personally use it and it is very secured plus it offers crypto vault which is not yet offered in other similar platforms.

How Much Did I Start Investing With It?

100 bucks. Looking at my example above, $100 is actually enough to achieve a full-time income within 20-24 months.  Plus, $100 is not that much to risk in this opportunity.

Surprisingly, the results are very good. It consistently delivers 1% every single day. I’m happy about it. So, I scaled up my investment for diversification purposes. I put another $1,000. I will share my results on my next portfolio update.

Customer Support Experience

One of my main criteria in scaling my investments in any platform is the ease of contact with customer support. This is very important because if I have some issues, a prompt response is a must.

I contacted My Passive Trades at least 3 times before I invested another $1000 on the platform and they responded promptly and politely.

And if you need to get in touch with these people, there are all on the MPT facebook private group.

If you need their directors’ physical addresses, you can find them all at the companies house using the reference number – 11168788. 

Do You Need To Recruit Or Get Referrals In Order To Earn? 

No. Absolutely not.

What makes My Passive Trades exciting is you get compensated if you refer people but you don’t have to do it.

I personally don’t like recruiting or bothering other people.

1% compound interest a day is more than enough for me.

But opportunities like this one are not meant to keep. Share it with others and so others can experience better personal finance or even financial freedom too.

How To Get Started With Your First Ad Packs? 

Getting started with My Passive Trades is very easy, once you register, you just buy you Ad Packs and that’s it – watch your money grow. You don’t do the trading yourself. Once you log in, you will get all the step-by-step video tutorials on the platform, like this one below.

How To Manage Risk With Crypto Investments? 

I’m quite a risk-taker but I have my own criteria when taking risks when it comes to opportunities like My Passive Trades.

  • The platform must have been around for at least 2 years
  • Good reviews from the real users
  • Start investing in a small amount of money
  • Scale up when results are good and consistent


  • Invest only what you can afford to lose
  • Protect your capital
  • Diversify your portfolio

How To Protect Your Capital? 

Given the fact that this investment is very risky, protecting your capital is a must. You need to withdraw your capital slowly as soon as you start earning enough.

For example, if you invested $100, you can start withdrawing your capital as soon as you reached the doubled amount ex. $200+. Then you still have $100 on your account and you’ll be completely risk-free.

How To Diversify Your Portfolio? 

It is very important to acknowledge that all investments involve risks – the stock market, Forex, Cryptos, real estates and even putting your money in your ordinary savings account has the risk of inflation loss.

I’ve personally been investing in real estate, stock market and mutual funds for many years now. And I recently started investing in P2P crowdfunding. My Passive Trades is the first one I gave a shot in this type of investment.

Like my P2P crowdfunding investment technique, I apply the same diversification with the crypto crowdfunding – invest in at least 3 platforms.

Aside from My Passive Trades, I’m using the Diversity-fund.biz. It’s also a legit one, delivering a consistent result of 0.7-1.1% daily revenue. I’ll be doing the review soon.


So, is My Passive Trades a Scam? No. My Passive Trades is a completely legitimate business under the Polaris Universal LTD business umbrella. It is dully registered in UK and verifiable on the companies house using company number 11168788.  

There are literally a lot of opportunities like My Passive Trades. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams around. My Passive Trades and Diversity-fund are so far the most reliable ones. 

As a general rule, always remember that high-return = high-risk and vice versa. Even though My Passive Trades has been delivering a consistent 1% return for almost two years now (time of review), always protect and diversify your investments.

So, is My Passive Trades a shortcut to financial freedom? It could be. There’s only one way to find out – risk a little money and try it.

Who knows you’ll be joining those people who are already living this lifestyle soon – earning a full-time income with My Passive Trades and similar platforms.

Just think about it again. $100 in 1% daily income gives you $17,400 monthly income after 2 years! Too good to be true, yet there are already people earning much more than that today using this system.

I know you would say, that’s funny or BS! I’ve thought of the same thing. That’s why it took me 4 months before I funded my account.

Believe me, I never regret it. Why?

At this time of my review, I have €22,000 invested in my P2P Crowdfunding Portfolio alone. I’m very glad about getting just a 13% annual income = That’s only €2860 or $3150 per year!

And an investment of €1000 or $1100 in MPT will actually give me around $40,450 after one year! 

It is risky, yes. But it is also rewarding.

The good news is – you don’t really need a huge amount of money to start earning a good income with My Passive Trades.

You may pass by this opportunity but people are already leveraging the revolutionary opportunities in cryptocurrencies and online advertising businesses.

Or you can start your short journey to financial freedom now and enjoy seeing your money grows.

Hello There. I'm Che - RN and investor. Follow me in my journey to financial freedom using P2P crowdfunding as an alternative investment.

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